Smiling group at Jaque Abajo

AmigoVision and helpers at Jaque Abajo

Rotary Club of Santiago Rincon Largo in cooperation with Orange Foundation, Rotary Club of Bear Creek Valley, and the AmigoVision Foundation held it’s first two clinics during the week of January 13, 2013. The first clinic was three and half days at a Santiago suburb called Sien Fuego and the last two days in a remote village, Jacque Abajo.

During the first two days translations were done by students from La Salle High School in Santiago and the last two days by students from an international Christian School. (I’ll have to find the name, sorry) The students were a great help. Many Rotarians and their wives also were great help in the clinics with translations.

We saw just over 1000 patients during the two clinics with approximately 750 being seen in Sien Fuego and approximately 310 in Jaque Abajo.

Friday night following the last day of the clinic the RC of Santiago Rincon Largo through a really fun party to celebrate the successful clinic. Hugs and handshakes ended the night and this very successful clinic. The Rotarians from Santiago are to be thanked and congratulated for a job well done. It is their hope to hold another clinic next year and then continue clinics into the future. AmigoVision will return with a small team to continue training next year.

This clinic would not be possible without a generous grant from the Orange Foundation. We would all like to express our deepest appreciation for their support.

Orange Telecom logoOrange Telecom has provided a grant worth more than $36,000 to provide equipment, materials, and supplies for this clinic in the Dominican Republic. You can see the blog posting.

Once again, we made new friends and changed lives, including ours.